Fear Not

In the scheme of things, it’s really not that bad.  When people around you have cancer, have friends whose spouses are leaving them for long ago relationships, when children don’t have enough to eat; how can a person be so bogged down with the day to day minutia of life?

I have no earthly idea.  I know that the daily grind gets to me, often.  I feel that I am not living the life I am supposed to be; I am missing the mark…and time is a wasting!

The question is how to find that life, the correct path, the road less taken and make my life count.  I know there is more.

On a recent silent retreat, I was asked to muse over several things, all of which were like arrows directly hitting their target.  Things I knew, but had forgotten.  To be mindful in each moment of the day is a struggle for me.  I get carried away by the waxing and waning of  each moment as life happens.

So, I read self help books, attend retreats, practice silence; trying to live in the present, but am constantly looking back or forward.   Journeying through this one precious life that I have been given; faulty, frail and all too human.  I go forward and try to remember to ‘fear not’.